Many new homeowners find that they have to contact a professional pest control expert for the first time. They have no idea what to expect as they have never had to deal with pest control professionals before. As when shopping for anything it is important to be a smart consumer. This means not only making sure you get a fair price, but also that you get quality service. Yet your experience with pest eradication services is not all in the hands of the agents that come out to your house. There is a lot you can do to make sure that the whole process turns out well. Read on to learn what to expect when you hire a professional for pest removal services.

Before the service can begin the pest removal agent has to come out to your house, access the case and determine what needs to be done. Right then and there you can tell if the company you called is the right one for you. DO not make the mistakes that others make by leaving everything up to the experts. They should be willing and eager to explain to you the whole process so that you know exactly what work needs to be done. By the time they actually render service you should already have a good idea of the extensiveness of your pest problem.

One thing that makes some people very nervous about receiving services in their home is having strangers in their personal area. However, if the pest control expert is to do the job adequately you have to be willing to give them the freedom to roam through your house. There is no telling where pests may have taken up their habitation in a home and if you really want to get rid of them the professional needs the freedom to track the pests down and render the appropriate treatment. Try not to feel uncomfortable about the pest control agent going through your house. Remember that this is part of their jobs and that they visit numerous homes every week.

Pest Control For Home

Some people think that one call to a pest control company and they will never see a pest in their home again. Nothing could be farther from the truth and if the pest control company tells you this you should consider hiring someone else for the job. The fact is that it takes time for all the pests to die off or be removed. The chemicals the pest eradication company uses do not reach every bug instantly, but spreads through their population over time.

What you should expert form the pest control agent is a guarantee of service. They should be willing to make follow-up visits at no extra charge after they have rendered service. These free visits should continue for at least a couple of weeks if they are doing extermination. While they might not be able to instantly rid your house of pests they should be able to promise that they will do so over time without you having to pay huge prices for follow up visits.

When the pest control expert tries to set up a regular maintenance schedule for pest control some homeowners tend to think the service providers are just after more money. However, this is not the case. Pest removal is a normal part of home maintenance and if you want to live in a pest free home you need regular pest control care. It is the only way to keep the bugs away. Do not get offended if the pest eradication expert wants your home on a contract. They really are just trying to help.

Pest Control For Rats

Professional Pest Control Service Is The Solution To Pest Infestation

The purpose for writing this article is to help you find the correct method to get rid of your rodent problem forever! You may have been dealing with rat problems for years without an end in sight; you're fed up and looking for a long-term solution. This article will give you all the information you need to get rid of rodents, once and for all!

There are several methods you can use to get rid of rats in your home, attic or place of business. Choosing the correct method will always dictate whether or not you will have success. When most people discover rats invading their property, they generally buy some snap traps or poisons from a hardware store; only to find the rats keep coming back! Secondly, you may try to hire a pest control company to eradicate the rats. A pest control company is basically going to do the same thing you did. Lay poisons and snap traps to exterminate the rats. This is definitely a way to eliminate the rats, but it will NEVER permanently get rid of the problem.

Pest control companies do not solve rat problems permanently, because they are not rodent control specialists. It is their goal to get your set up on weekly or monthly contracts for bait boxes and trapping services. There is nothing wrong with this method, but it does become more costly to you in the long run. It also leaves you dealing with constant visits from the company and dead rats stinking up your home. But, worst of all is that it doesn't solve the real problem, it only keeps the problem at bay. I want to educate consumers that there is a better way that leads to permanent rodent control.

The only way to permanently control rodents is via integrated pest management. What this means is sealing off the entire property so that rodents can no longer gain access to your property. This is an extremely difficult job considering the fact that rats can fit into any hole larger than a quarter! So, your first step is walking the entire property and taking notes of all holes, construction gaps and any other entry points. Then these entry points need to be sealed off with high-grade quality products, such as foams and hardware cloth. Use these products together, not just one or the other. It is imperative the seals are done thoroughly, with high quality products and secured tightly with concrete screws, nails, etc...

Not only is it is difficult to seal up all of the entry points, it is difficult to locate these points of entry. Here are some clues as to where to look for entry points. Look for holes under your home, on your roof, in your attic and in between soffit and fascia breaks. Keep in mind recent renovations may have caused breaks and allowed rats access.

Once all entry points have been sealed off, then you trap and remove the colony. This is when you can call a pest control company to come out and trap and remove. Without sealing off the home, rats will continue to nest and reproduce in your home. A single pair of rats can produce over 600 young in one year! This is why it is virtually impossible to keep up with trapping and poisoning the rats. You have to seal them out of your house and then trap and remove the remaining rats. That is how to perform permanent rodent control.